Sports Outreach


Esther Fast is a ministry of Sports Outreach Institute, an organization committed to reaching Africa, Latin America and the USA.


Through the daily ministries of feeding, healthcare and public health education, biblical teaching, vocational and life skills training, formal education, child sponsorship women’s empowerment – and of course our sports ministry model of mentoring – we have the amazing opportunity to assist in restoring hope and transforming lives in highly relational ways!


Sports Outreach began as just that, reaching out to marginalized communities through sports ministry. During our time in Gulu, Africa we met a few young women and got to know them personally. We heard their stories and soon realized the importance of their leadership roles even within their small communities. We’ve decided to step off of the playing field and into the lives of those who desire direction, guidance and encouragement to fill the roles they are tasked with performing.


Esther Fast is a movement to equip women to walk victoriously, live powerfully and lead effectively.


Join us.







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